“I hate cars. If I ever get any powers again I’d ban the lot.”
- Ken Livingstone, Sunday Times, 21st November 1999.

What can I say? Well I can think of many things, but I don't think they can be published!!!
I am a train driver (Ken's next target), and at the moment, manage to drive into work without hitting the congestion charge. I am one of the lucky ones. My collegues are not so fortunate and have to swop shifts and juggle days/times to enable them to work.
The problem is you see, "egotistical Ken" introduced the charge to reduce the traffic in London and get people onto public transport. What he didn't take into account was that the drivers of the public transport, trains/busses, have to get into work! Thus inccuring the wrath of KEN!!!
A typical shift pattern brings the drivers into London on average 5 times a week. An extra £35.00 per week, £1680.00 per year (48 weeks). No discount, no exceptions and no increase in salary!!!
And to top it all off, in his quest to take over the country, he wants to extend it!!! So even the lucky few that can avoid the stealth tax, are threatened too. That means that no matter how much juggling of shifts the drivers do, everyone has to pay.
So, what would GOD.....sorry... KEN do if we (the employees of Kens beloved London transport), refused to come in during the congestion charge times? GRIDLOCK!!!!
So, if you see Mr Meglomaniac, ask him!!!!
Election time looms and I would rather cut off my own testicles and eat them raw, than vote Ken!!!

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